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Nova Scotia brides claim photographer did not deliver their wedding pictures

By , April 20, 2015 4:02 pm

Months after their marriage, a whole lot of women come ahead with fears they have been scammed by a wedding photographer who was earlier based in Nova Scotia.

A local news channel spoken to few local brides who hired the photographer Ariane Anderson, who was once based in Meteghan River to take snaps of their wedding days.

However, a few months after that, they still have not got the photos they have paid for. Many of them said that they have attempted everything to contact Ariane. But they were told that she had mover to British Colombia following her divorce.

Better Business Bureau’s Peter Moorhouse told that this is the lack of communication which prompted seven active complaints against Ariane, and she got her an “F” rating with the organization. They have tried in many ways to contact her and also attempt to resolve and they just have not had any response from her to do that. Continue reading 'Nova Scotia brides claim photographer did not deliver their wedding pictures'»

Charles Manson gets marriage license to wed 26 year old

By , December 22, 2014 1:33 pm

Charles Manson, the cult leader and mass murderer, has got a license to tie the knot with a twenty six year old lady who moved to Corcoran, California 9 years ago so that she can see him in prison. The wedding license was triggered by Kings County Recorders Office on 7th Nov, and it was verified by the NBC News earlier on Monday. Manson, now 80, has ninety days to get Afton Elaine Burton to get married or they would have to reapply for yet another license.

Burton, who is also known by the name Star and runs many sites recommending for her fiance’s innocence, told that she would marry Manson next month. She stated that it is true. It is actually going to happen. She loves him. She is with him. There was all kinds of things.

Charles, who has been immured since the year 1969, guided a commune in California desert recognized as Manson Family. He was pronounced in the year 1971 of conspiracy to commit the murders of 7 people executed by members of his cult. Other people were also killed by his followers, and Manson was convicted of those executions as well.

California Department of Corrections sanctions most requests for this type of weddings as a tool of family reunification as well as social development, said spokesperson Terry Thornton. Manson and Burton could have a marriage ceremony at prison and ask 10 guests to come who are not inmates, added Thornton.